How it works!

Every single time someone at your event takes a photo using instagram and tags your event’s unique #hashtag, Instaprint shares their photos in real time onto a webpage dedicated for your event, which you can broadcast as a live feed. Engage your audience in a whole new way, by using content generated by your audience. Want to take things a step further? Send each photo to our Instaprint printer where you can customize your event’s own personal photocard and have them printed instantly.


Different templates can be designed for all event requirements, from simple branding templates to fully customized ones for all sorts of events.

Printout Sizes

Choose from three different photo printout sizes;
– Wallet size Photocard 2”x3” (double sided)
– Half 4R 4×6″ (single sided)
– Half 4R 4”X6” (double sided)

– 4R 4”X6” (single singled)
Each size can be fully customised with your own event artwork making the photos a perfect personalised gift from your event.

Instagram LiveFeed

Our Instagram feed is a engaging way to entertain your attendees and make them feel part of the event. It can be used on any laptop display, TV screen or projector at your event.

Event Analytics (only for corporate clients)

Our products extend reach and we can prove it. After the event you’ll receive a detailed report on just how many new faces you reached and who did the most sharing at your event.