About Instaprint

For those who have supported us during the Instaprint days, you will probably know who we are. We have come a long way doing Instagram printing events all over the world and now we are bringing all the experiences back to Singapore.

For those who don’t know our existence, this is a background story of us:

Instaprint Singapore is the brainchild of two #hashtaglovingbuddies, Mervin & Roy, who both felt that the world needed to have a platform to curate content tagged to #hashtags. And thus, SocialSnap.co was born: Built to curate #hashtagged images and comments from your favourite social media platforms, and transform that into your very own personal realtime livefeed and marketing site.

With Instaprint, you can now interact with and entertain your audience in a whole different way. Realtime feeds will now be the centerpiece of your events, attendees can share their own #uniqueperspectives of your event through the lens of their mobiles. Instead of 2 event photographers, you now have 200 event photographers, which is #freakingawesome.

Tag YOUR photo with MY #EVENTHASHTAG and  I’ll give you a one-of-a-kind photocard printout of the photo you just took. Instaprint’s instant printing offers a perfect platform for this. Extend the reach of your events with much more Social Media Buzz.

Think BIG, FUN, AMAZING. Your parties and events will never be the same with #InstaprintSG!