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Wedding Photobooth

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It is amazing how technology has changed the way we interact with our weddings, from film camera to digital camera and finally mobile phone. Today, people just love to instagram wedding photos rather than experience it, which in many ways is kind of awesome. These advancements in technology and social media platform have made wedding photography even more accessible than ever.

At Social Snap, we love to make wedding social. Our aim is to turn all the instagram photos taken during wedding event into a wedding story. We understand how much people value their photos taken at the wedding, putting in efforts to use popular photo sharing app, instagram to create great effect and eventually posting this up to their timeline. So why put it to waste? Rather than having these photos on different user platform, we help you gather these instagram photos tag with your unique wedding hashtag into a microsite which can be used as a Livefeed for slideshow and Live gallery for instagram printing. So what are you waiting for? Choose Social Snap to be your wedding partner today and stand out from the rest of the wedding! We make your special day even more memorable :)

 Why use Social Snap for your Wedding?

1. Entertain your guests:

Social Snap’s Live Instagram Feeds streams your guests’ photos and well wishes in real time directly to any screen, making everyone of them an integral part of your wedding. Our approval feature will ensure that only ‘safe’ photos are displayed!
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 2. Collect your Wedding Photos Instantly:

Social Snap will print photos tagged to your wedding hashtag during your wedding for your guests and they will receive a photo card as a momento of your wedding.

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 3. Be Creative:

Encourage your guests to take photos of your wedding from their perspective and post them to Instagram with your wedding hashtag, for e.g. #williamevewedding. We want your guests to have a whole new experience where your wedding is documented through photos on a live instagram wall.

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