Instagram printing Singapore & Malaysia | Social Snap is specialised in Live Instagram printing and Photobooth in Singapore & Malaysia for Weddings, Corporate Events and Birthday.
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How It Works

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Every single time someone at your event takes a photo using instagram and tags your event’s unique #hashtag, Instaprint shares their photos and comments in real time onto a webpage dedicated for your event, which you can broadcast as a live feed. Engage your audience in a whole new way, by using content generated by your audience. Want to take things a step further? Send each photo to our Instaprint printer where you can customize your event’s own personal photocard and have them printed instantly.

1)      Event Live feed 

-          Instaprint creates a event live feed on a website dedicated to you (eg. so attendees and hosts can share their own perspectives of your event through instagram.

2)      Instagram Photobooth

-          Instead of having an actual Photobooth, think Mobile: as in mobile phones. Each and every single time an event attendee tags your #eventhashtag through instagram, they are instantly acting as your event photographers, capturing diverse perspectives of the same event, and any backdrop now serves as a photobooth backdrop. Attendees can also get their photos printed instantly from our instaprint printer in card size allowing people to keep their “memories” in their wallets.

3)      Branding

-          Ever felt like your event lacked continuity and visibility? That your attendees don’t see whats going on behind the scenes and forget your event too soon? The Livefeed website provided by Instaprint just for your event can be hosted up to a few months after your event, creating a platform for you to share photos of all participants and your own team through this site. Moreover, the look and feel of each mini-site can also be customized (background, logo) to suit your personal tastes.

-          Also, Photos that are printed will have a fully customized layout to include each person’s name and photo, your event/brand logo inserted at the footer, a website link and even customize the color of the photo printout.

Instaprint can be used for wedding, birthday/parties and corporate events.

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