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Instaprint Singapore Live at CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2015 Final Party


Your long waited video is here! Instaprint were part of CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2015 Final Party :) If you have missed out this event, check out some highlights of what Instaprint Singapore did to make this party even more crazy!!

Happy New Year! Start your 2015 with Instaprint Singapore


In the blink of an eye, we bid 2014 goodbye and welcome 2015 with a big grin on our faces! Embrace the New Year with opened arms and celebrate last year’s achievements with fellow family, friends and acquaintances!

If you’re hosting a big event to kick start 2015, mobile photobooths like Instaprint may be the best addition to whip things up! At Instaprint, we promise that your event attendees enjoy optimum fun and networking through your event.

We help to create excitement and buzz with our mobile photobooth that delights almost anyone! Attendees can simply upload a photo to Instagram, add the event’s hashtag and viola – they are ready to collect their credit card size photo cards! Through the event’s hashtag, they can also browse, comment and like photos taken at the event. The user friendliness of our photobooth guarantees to be nothing short of hassle-free!

Just to recollect some of the companies and brands we have services in 2014 (P/s: this is not an exhaustive list of our clients)


Also, the versatility of mobile photobooth is never an issue for indoor and outdoor events as long as there is a sturdy ground for projecting the collection of event photos. The simplicity of the photobooth design also fits almost all events. Engage a mobile photobooth for your big event in 2015 now!

To see some of the video footage of how it works, you can view it here:

1) Reebonz FashionFest’13

2) Xiaxue’s Baby, Dashiel Sayre (Dash) 1st Birthday

Happy 2015 everyone!

Instagram printing live launched in Surabaya, Indonesia –

Indonesa Team 2

Great news to all our Indonesia friends especially those in Surabaya,

Instaprint Singapore has finally opened our doors to Surabaya in Indonesia. Our first event was in Grand Wedding & Honeymoon Fair held at Pakuwon Golf & Family Club Managed by Sheraton Hotels & Resorts.

grand honeymoon fair

We were amazed to find that weddings in Indonesia are so lavish, well-decorated and so much care is taken into consideration.  After spending two days over at Surabaya, we are elated to announce that the demand for our Instagram printing Live is insane. People were happy to know that they can finally print their Instagram photos and this can be done instantly.

instaprint surabaya booth

Introducing our Surabaya partner in Indonesia, Michael –  an experienced photographer and videographer in Surabaya, Indonesia. He has done various photoshoots ranging from Wedding to Fashion. It is interesting how we met initially over email and then moved on to meeting in Singapore, which led to the eventual the union of Team Instaprint Singapore crew with the Team Indonesia. Even though, we had some problems communicating with the other crews due to the language barrier, we still managed to have a great time together! They brought us to places for good food and shared their local Indonesian culture with us.

indonesia instaprint 1

We are sure with Michael on board, the Instaprint experience you get in Singapore will be the same in Surabaya Indonesia or even better!

For more information in Surabaya, Indonesia, contact us here now!

Food taste better with food photography

A new study by the University of Minnesota has found that this photo-taking habit might actually make food taste better.

According to this report, researchers found that ritual like photo-taking makes one more aware of what one is eating, which thus improves the food’s taste.

The University study was done as follows:

In one experiment, 52 researchers were recruited and told them to do a ritual; first break the chocolate into half then unwrap that half and eat it. Then unwrap the other half and eat it. ‘

In the other experiment, they were just told to relax for a bit, and then eat the candy like a regular person.

The result were those who had done the weird little song-and-dance routine or ritual before eating the chocolate, enjoyed it more than those who ate the chocolate normally.

Furthermore, They also took longer to eat it and said they would pay more for the chocolate.

Same results were produced for similar experiments in the study done using lemonade and even carrots.

Perhaps restaurant owner should start thinking of encourage their guests to instagram their food as a contest rather than banning food photography. Not only it can make their restaurant food taster even better, it can create extra social media buzz for their restaurant!

How to Instagram your wedding?

1) Create a unique hashtag. Do a search and make sure it is not in use by other people. Keep it original and short i.e kenjenwedding2013

2) Have a sign on display and label i.e “If you Instagram, hashtag #kenjenwedding2013″. It can be printed on a poster or simply writing on a mini chalkboard that you can buy from ikea.

instagram chalkboard wedding instagram signboard

3)  It will be good to also include the hashtag in your wedding program or to give out instruction cards written with your hashtag.

instagram instruction card

4) Have a mini display at each wedding table to remind guest about which hashtag to use

instagram wedding table sign

5) Instaprint.SG will run a slideshow of the Instagram photos taken at your wedding reception with your hashtag as well as  instantly printing a credit card size photo for your guest to bring back home as a memento.

6) After the wedding event, you and your guests can view the photo on our online gallery to bring back fond memories together. Those who didn’t get to come to your wedding can also view this website live!

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